Ricardo Davila
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Miguel Duran  [more information needed]


Christine Ellingham, painter (England)

David Marshall, sculptor (Scotland)

Carlos Matoso, painter, Benaojan

J M Pembado, painter, Huesca

Cortes de la Frontera

Apart from anything else, Cortes and sister village, Cañada del Real Tesoro, boast several murals.

Mural by Sake Ieneka (

Primary School in Cortes - El Corto (

Mural by El Corto (SUR in English)

Mural by El Corto (Sake Ink)

Artists include: Roberto Barba (Spain); Sana Lisova (Ukraine); 


Gaucin artists have collaborated for many years and have "Open Studios" for a week every May and ArtGaucin in early June.

Artists include: 


El Pueblo Museo, as it is known, this remote village holds an annual festival, whereby artists from around the world apply to take part. They are given free board and lodging, facilities and materials, and their task is to produce a piece of street art for the village.

There is also a permanent exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art “Fernando Centeno López” in the village.

A recommended visit.


There are and have been a number of artists working independently in the village for many years.

La cabra montejaqueña by Helen Dennerley

They include: Helen Dennerley (Scotland); Heino Goeb (Germany); Patricia Lane (England); Paco Naranjo (Montejaque); Roanne O'Donnell (Scotland); A N Other (Germany); 


Ronda probably has many more artists than I know about. Apologies if I left you out. Please contact me and I can add you in.

Udo Burkhardt at opening of his exhibition in Cafe Blanco y Negro (Courtesy: Charry TV)

Ones I know include: Philip Amis (UK - deceased); Udo Burkhardt (Germany); Emilio Garcia (Ronda); Virginia Jimenez Perez (Ronda); Elaine Moore (UK); Alan Pearson (UK); Georgina Richmond (UK); David Smeaton (UK) 

Ronda also boasts several stunning murals

Mural by Victor Fernandez (Photo: Maria Jose Garcia)

Mural by 'Okuda' (Photo: Diario Sur)

Mural by 'Okuda' (Photo: Andalucia Informacion)