The first time we landed up in Bolonia was in 2001. We immediately liked it and for years pronounced that it was our favourite beach. It had real yellow sand, good swimming and decent chiringuitos. Jeryl, Tom and I went a few times.

I subsequently went with second wife Rita and other visitors. They were all mesmerised.

In 2011 I went with Johannes (eldest step-son) and his then girlfriend, Tiina (no, I've not spelt that incorrectly, she was/is half Finnish).

This was the first time I 'did' Baelo Claudio. It was fabulous. The best Roman remains I have ever seen and I've seen a few around different countries of Europe.

A bonus back then we were all European citizens, so got in for nothing. Now, of course, since Brexit, Brits have to pay. Doh!

Copyright: Paul Whitelock

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